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What’s your Career Self-Management Strategy?

Achieving certain career levels depends on some individuals who hold key positions within the companies, so, the professionals do not have full decision latitude over their careers (in issues like skill development, working hours, working place or salary progression).

Yet, there is a range of behaviors we can use that can help us solve problems and career challenging situations to better control over events and professional life, and to prevail upon de decisions of those individuals with influential power over our career.

Investing in skills development, strategically deciding a professional change, developing the network of contacts, developing the level of influence are some examples of those behaviors. This is career self-management and, in a turbulent job market, might be the only way to go forward in your career and achieve success.

And all the professionals do it, more or less consistently, more or less strategically, with more or less intention.


I challenge you to think about your career self-management strategy:

1. Are you on IMPROVISATION mode, in response to unexpected situations;
2. Are you in STAND-BY mode, receptive to invitations and opportunities that come to you;
3. Are you in a truly STRATEGIC mode, with intention, well defined goals and structured action plan;
4. other…?